Here are some testimonials from some of Sheryl’s wonderful students:

“Thank you so much for all of the help, attention and support over the last 10 months. I have so enjoyed your classes and am so glad I found you! Had I started with another teacher, another method, I may neverf have continued this far, but look forward to much more learning with you!”
Carrire K, Lombard
Oct. 2012

Thank you for the years you’ve been my yoga instructor. I’m a challenging student, but the gains I’ve made are impressive to me. Truly, I could only stretch to mid-calf! I’m so much more flexible today than when I started at age 50. You have impacted my life in such a positive way. You’ve taught me to be mindful of my body. I think about how I hold my posture even as I exercise on weight machine – yes, standing in line at the grocery store too. The breath work has been invaluable in my daily life. I will miss you greatly and will never forget your influence on the quality of my life. I wish you all the best on your new adventure. Chicago is lucky to have you!

Thank you very much for your encouragement! … nobody can do it better than you, that I know FOR SURE. YOGA is your passion and you put your heart and soul into teaching and helping people feel better. I miss you so much already!


Thanks so very much for opening the door to yoga and for your scrupulous attention to detail in our sessions. You are awesome!

Good luck & hope to see you before too long,


Mike Trdan


Thank you for all the good years of Iyengar yoga in your studio. We were truly blessed to have your guidance and instruction every week. As you earn your second certification in Iyengar Yoga, know that you will be one of, among the many,the most highly respected teachers of the yoga world.

You will be missed! However, we are all thrilled for you, Brian & family. The move, new restaurant, schools and home will be a success and a journey!

Love and God Bless,


p.s. keep me on your mailing list – I will still need those “pearls of wisdom”!

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you so much for being a demanding as well as considerate yoga teacher. I will miss you & coming to your classes. Good luck on your next adventure in Chicago. I am thrilled with what you & yoga have done for me!


Your “Geriatric” student Jean

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