Yoga @ Home


When Sheryl began teaching in 1999 it was in the privacy of her living room-turned studio at the bequest of a few of her best friends. They, like many, had tried yoga in the big gyms and simply found it cold, uninviting and difficult to concentrate with music blaring and weights being banged around just outside the room. Yoga @ Home is like practicing yoga in the privacy of your own home but under the guidance of a certified instructor. Sheryl’s studio has all the props necessary to deepen the penetration into the pose, as well as enable you to stay longer in order to effect a psychophysiological change in the body and the mind. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner and would like to take your practice to the next level, or maybe haven’t yet jumped on the yoga bandwagon like the rest of the world, discover how learning and practicing yoga in a smaller, private setting is the preferred method.

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